TMWF’s Islamic Arts Revival Series Presents Connecting Pattern – Exploring Islamic Art and Geometric Design

Coming August 23-28, 2018, TMWF’s Islamic Art Revival Series is pleased to present its new program, Connecting Pattern, a series of workshops exploring Islamic Art and geometric design and its connection across subjects including mathematics, science and nature, history, architecture, and cultural borders. Through a series of Educator Workshops, educators and administrators from all subjects and age groups will learn how to apply principles from Islamic geometry across the curriculum. For the public, a series of workshops are also available and open to all interested in Islamic art and its influences across the world.

Connecting Pattern 2018 is a collaborative effort with The Art of Islamic Pattern, and in partnership with Big Thought and the Creative Arts Center of Dallas.

Educator Workshops:

The Connecting Pattern Educator Workshops 2018 are a series of TEKS and Common Core aligned 2-day workshops for educators of all levels and backgrounds (K-12, Community College, and University). Taught by a highly sought-after international team of artists from the Art of Islamic Pattern, these workshops will explore deeper structures and connecting patterns across cultures and histories, for use across the curriculum.

After attending the educator workshop, participating teachers and administrators will be able to incorporate their learning into the curriculum to help the students develop a solid grounding in the language of symmetry, introduce them to the principles of free-hand biomorphic design (also known as Arabesque), and learn to integrate these more fluid designs with the geometric pattern.

There are two dates for the 2-day intensive workshops:

  • The first session runs August 23-24, 9AM-5PM both days.
  • The second session runs August 25-26, 9AM-5PM both days.

Workshop fee is $200. Fee covers materials used in workshop, for participants to keep, and food for both days.

Please note registration is required prior to the event and prior to payment. You can register here

Location: Big Thought
1409 S Lamar St #1015, Dallas, TX 75215

Public Workshops

Discover how patterns of profound beauty and subtle complexity can be created from the simplest of means and develop practical skills in the arts and crafts of the Islamic world. In these unique skills-based classes, students use traditional methods to explore a range of classic Islamic designs from around the world and learn how to integrate freehand biomorphic motifs (Islimi/Arabesque) with geometric pattern.

Workshops will be held August 27 & 28th. Each session is 2.5 hours and participants are welcome to attend as many workshops as they would like.

August 27: 10AM-12:30PM, 2-4:30PM, 6:30-9PM
August 28: 10AM-12:30PM, 2-4:30PM, 6:30-9PM

Tickets are $55 per workshop session (including materials), or $300 for all six sessions. Purchase tickets and learn more here.

Location: Creative Arts Center Dallas
2360 Laughlin Dr, Dallas, TX 75228