#WhatWillPeopleSay Campaign

Mental Health Campaign

At TMWF, we believe that mental health matters. That's why we launched our #WhatWillPeopleSay awareness campaign.

On the last Monday of each month, we'll share videos, host virtual events, and share content to spark real conversations around mental wellbeing. We'll also share resources for those wanting to seek help or simply learn more.

Every community worries about what others will say — we're here to tell you it doesn't matter what people will say.


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The Dallas Morning News: North Texas Muslim community must talk to young people about mental health

By Mona Kafeel

Mona Kafeel, Executive Director of the Texas Muslim Women’s Foundation (TMWF), writes for The Dallas Morning News about the realities of mental and emotional health among Muslim youth. “When young adults reach out and seek help from mental health professionals, they face a major barrier with a lack of cultural understanding by most professionals and service providers.”



2021 WWPS A Mother's Plea, Part 2 Video Tiles (1)

The #WhatWillPeopleSay podcast is hosted by young adults, for young adults. It aims to educate and inform about the complexities of mental health, particularly in the Muslim community. Our hope is that those listening in will find a safety net in resources and a reassurance that mental health matters.

Listen to the podcast on our Youth Leadership Page.

Mental Health Resources

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