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Our Mission

Founded by Muslim women, Texas Muslim Women’s Foundation empowers, promotes and supports all women and their families—a mission that ultimately creates stronger communities. Since 2005, Texas Muslim Women’s Foundation has been an ambassador of the peaceful, caring Muslim community. Our core program areas are:

News & Updates

News & Updates

  • Dealing With Back to School Anxiety? Here’s Some Help.

      Back to school anxiety is a common experience for both parents and children. Summer is ending, and anxious feelings are normal for kids who are returning to school, changing schools or, if kindergartners, starting school for the first time. Join professional counseler Heena Khan, of Uplift Counseling, to learn how… Read More

  • Did You Know? We’re on the Radio!

      Since July 2, 2014, the Texas Muslim Women’s Foundation has enjoyed a partnership with Radio Azad, 870 AM. Together with Radio Azad, we present a weekly radio show, Peace in the Home, where we host inspiring, fun and noteworthy guests. On the air, we talk about a wide variety… Read More

  • TMWF’s Islamic Arts Revival Series Presents Connecting Pattern – Exploring Islamic Art and Geometric Design

    Coming August 23-28, 2018, TMWF’s Islamic Art Revival Series is pleased to present its new program, Connecting Pattern, a series of workshops exploring Islamic Art and geometric design and its connection across subjects including mathematics, science and nature, history, architecture, and cultural borders. Through a series of Educator Workshops, educators and… Read More

  • North Texas Giving Day is Just Around the Corner!

    We are so excited to be participating in North Texas Giving Day again! We are planning to add some new and fun giving experiences for our supporters for 2018! Look for more information coming soon. Please share and mark your calendars!  

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