Texas Muslim Women’s Foundation receives a grant from Texas Bar Foundation

Plano, TX, May 19, 2022 – The Texas Muslim Women’s Foundation (TMWF) would like to thank the Texas Bar Foundation for the generous grant. By having a staff that is trauma informed and culturally sensitive, it opens up an avenue for an underserved population to receive help with domestic violence issues. The legal department provides immigration support in areas of naturalization, obtaining work permits, and filing self-petitions or U-VISA under the Violence Against Women Act. There is legal staff that specializes in family law for clients’ divorce, child support services, and advocates on behalf of clients for the rightful custody…

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Rebuilding: S’ story

This is a true account of one client’s journey, from surviving family violence to building a new future for herself. Identifying details have been modified or omitted to protect client confidentiality. *Trigger warning – mention of abuse*  S hadn’t known that there were organizations dedicated to stopping domestic violence. She had assumed she would have to endure her abusive situation for years to come, and had only just learned about domestic violence organizations in the months before her escape.   Up until that point, and for many months after, S’s daily existence was agony. Her brother was vindictive and her father…

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