Youth Leadership

Youth Leadership Program

“Empower through Service and Knowledge”

TMWF’s Youth Leadership Program (YLP) will provide high school students with diverse experiences that instill a spirit of leadership and community collaborations. Participants will:

  • Develop knowledge and confidence in presenting, participating, and leading service projects. Students are trained in leadership techniques, preparing them to make a positive impact in their communities.
  • Partner with local non-profits and experts to create awareness webinars on topics such as mental health, gender stereotypes, bullying/harassment, anti-racism, healthy relationships, self-defense, and self-image.
  • Host and participate in a wide variety of service events and projects. In doing so, they will learn the value of community service and civic engagement, build awareness around social issues, and learn leadership skills.
  • Provide self-defense and self-image training for their peers, especially within the refugee community.

The Youth Leadership Program is led by the all-volunteer Youth Council Members. Interested volunteers please complete the following form to apply and someone will contact you shortly.

#WhatWillPeopleSay Podcast

The #WhatWillPeopleSay podcast is hosted by young adults, for young adults. It aims to educate and inform about the complexities of mental health, particularly in the Muslim community. Our hope is that those listening in will find a safety net in resources and conversation.

Listen to the latest episode of the #WhatWillPeopleSay Podcast:

Episode 1: Introduction to Mental Health

Episode 2: Mental Health Stigma

"TMWF’s Youth Leadership Program was an amazing opportunity that allowed me to grow as a leader, public speaker, and engaged community member. This experience helped [me] develop strong interpersonal skills and learn how to network. I got to work with an amazing team and it was a life-changing experience!"

--Haya Arafat, YLP President 2019-2020

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