Financial Empowerment

Financial Empowerment

Economic Stability

To break the cycles of domestic violence and poverty, TMWF focuses on addressing major barriers that may hinder economic stability. These barriers include the lack of or limitations in:

  • Financial resources or income
  • Financial education or management skills
  • Confidence in managing financial needs
  • Trust in financial institutions
  • How to secure and maintain employment
  • Sustainable employment due to limited work experience
  • English proficiency
  • Affordable housing
  • Transportation capability
  • Affordable quality childcare
Family Unloading Furniture From Removal Truck Into New Home

All financial empowerment services are individualized to every client’s needs depending on their understanding of finances. Clients’ set their own financial goals and work towards them. TMWF encourages survivors to overcome these barriers and increase economic stability that help to move women and their families from surviving to thriving.

Financial Literacy

TMWF key staff is trained in The Moving Ahead through Financial Empowerment curriculum which was developed by The Allstate Foundation in partnership with the National Network to End Domestic Violence and has been academically validated by Rutgers University.

This comprehensive curriculum, readily available in English and Spanish, has been translated into Arabic and Urdu for specific modules by TMWF, providing life-changing information with a culturally competent approach.

Basic Needs and Financial Assistance

TMWF offers financial assistance for basic needs based on current funding and programs offered. This includes food, clothing, medications, housing and childcare, transportation, translation and interpretation services.  These services set women on a path of positive change to health and independence.

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