Social Services

Social Services

Our Peace in the Home Social Services program assists individuals and their families who are struggling, including immigrants, refugees, the impoverished, seriously ill patients and their families, and victims of family and domestic violence.

Texas Muslim Women's Foundation welcomes individuals of all backgrounds, we do not discriminate based on age, race, religion, color, gender, disability, sexual orientation or national origin.

Recognizing that healing and empowerment is holistic, our services are culturally-sensitive and trauma-informed, taking into consideration the unique cultural experiences, traumas, and unique life experiences of each individual.

TMWF was the first Domestic Violence shelter in Texas to understand and address the specific needs of Muslim survivors whose needs were not being addressed in mainstream shelters and services.

Our shelter is at an undisclosed location. To arrange a way to get there and finally feel safe when you go to bed at night, call our 24/7 Hotline.

Residential Services

Available to domestic and family violence survivors only

Emergency Shelters

TMWF provides safe emergency housing for women and children fleeing domestic violence. We provide housing, food, clothing, household items, hygiene and medical supplies. Residents are provided culturally-sensitive and trauma-informed services to help them rebuild their lives.

Transitional Housing

Our housing support goes beyond emergency shelter and other crisis services. The goal of this program is to ensure that survivors with additional barriers have enough time to earn stable income for independent living. We utilize 'Housing First' principles for survivors of domestic violence to ensure safety and shelter needs are met before working on longer term financial independence.

HUD Rapid Re-Housing

This program enables families and individuals experiencing homelessness due to domestic violence to move into permanent housing through a tailored package of assistance.

Supportive Housing

Our Senior House provides elderly women facing domestic violence with access to our wrap-around services and allows them to live their remaining years with safety, dignity and peace rather than fear.

Nonresidential Services

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