Donate Investments

Donate Investments

Give With Stocks, Bonds and Mutual Funds*

Making a donation to Texas Muslim Women’s Foundation in the form of stocks, mutual funds or bonds, allows you to have an impact on supporting and empowering all women and their families affected by domestic violence, while also possibly paying less in income taxes.

Give With Your IRA*

If you are over the age of 70 ½, and have an Individual Retirement Account (IRA), you can easily use your IRA to support programs that are important to you, and save you valuable income tax dollars:

  1. If you are 70 ½ years or older, you can make a contribution directly from a traditional IRA to Texas Muslim Women’s Foundation, Inc; up to $100,000 without it being considered a taxable distribution.
  2. While you are eligible to make a gift starting at 70 ½ years of age, when you turn 72 you must take a Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) from your IRA and pay taxes on this RMD. However, by making a qualified charitable donation that counts towards that RMD, you can avoid paying taxes on your RMD.

*Please contact us at to gift investments so that we can make every effort to obtain and provide you with the correct information that pertains to your generous gift. We also want to ensure that all gifts are properly transferred, received, and most importantly, acknowledged.

Disclaimer: The information on this website is not intended as legal or tax advice. For such advice, or specific questions we recommend that you consult an attorney or tax professional.

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