Stories of Impact

Stories of Impact

Texas Muslim Women’s Foundation clients journey to success. All names and details have been changed to protect their identities. YOUR SUPPORT helps bring healing, renewed hope and courage to so many struggling women and families.

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Susan was a client of both TMWF’s domestic violence services and the Zahra Khan Support program. In addition to recovering from abuse, Susan had leukemia and was undergoing chemotherapy treatment. With her health so compromised, Susan was unable to take care of her children, and so TMWF arranged for foster care of her children while she healed. Thankfully, Susan’s cancer went into remission, and she was able to get back on her feet. Susan found employment, moved into her own apartment and was reunited with her three boys.


Zara was in need of immediate escape from her husband and so she only brought her youngest son with her to the shelter. Though removed from her physically, Zara’s husband continued his pattern of abuse and control. He had their older children contact Zara and claim he had committed suicide because of her, leaving her distraught. However, upon filing her income taxes it was discovered that he was still alive and using his deceased mother’s social security to receive her checks. It was apparent Zara had to free herself completely from this man.

As she continued working, Zara was finally able to move into her own apartment. She received a foster parent certification and was able to not only care for her own son, but give other children a peaceful home, like the one she had found.


Fatima arrived in the United States from Syria confused and afraid because no one in her family spoke or understood any English. Her handbag containing their social security and green cards was stolen and she felt lost and alone with no one to help or advise her about how to recover them. Another refugee woman introduced her to TMWF’s Women and Refugee Advocacy Program and she was able replace all of her stolen identification and was introduced to ESL, life skills, financial literacy and parenting classes. She received help enrolling her daughters in school, how to fill out applications, schedule appointments and follow up with their schools, teachers and doctors.

Fatima was able to begin pursuing her dream of becoming a lawyer to empower women and be a voice for the voiceless.


Ariana was a victim of both physical and emotional abuse. Though allowed to work, her husband took all her money, limited her access to food, and denied her a key to the house. Every day she would catch a bus to work and then walk back home. With little nutrition, high stress and exertion, the exhaustion caught up with her and one day she passed out. She was sent to the hospital, and it was there that she contacted TMWF.

After staying at the shelter for some time, Ariana was able to recover from her trauma, gain access to her own finances, and get her own place, away from her abuser.

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