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Peace In the Home is the radio show we host weekly on Radio Azad. Tune in every Monday from 1-2p on 870AM for a lively and informative conversation. Exploring a wide variety of topics, we interview local and national leaders, scholars, authors, artists, non-profit leaders and activists. Every week, we host new guests and talk about timely and informative topics with our community and supporters. Join us!

April 2018

What’s Happening?


April is National Poetry Month and Sexual Assault Awareness Month. We will be highlighting the work of Muslim poets throughout the month here on our website and in social media. We will start the celebration with award-winning poet Tarfia Faizullah. She will be our guest on our weekly radio show, Peace in the Home, on April 2, from 1-2p, on 870AM Radio Azad.


We will also be providing you with educational materials on the problem of sexual assault throughout the month here and in social media. In addition, we will be interviewing former Assistant District Attorney for Collin County, Curtis Howard. Mr. Howard now serves as the Legal Advisor for the Plano Police Department. Mr. Howard prosecuted over 1000 cases while working as an Assistant DA and found his most rewarding experiences were those times he worked with victims of child abuse. Curtis Howard will join us, live on the air, on Monday, April 23, 870AM, from 1-2p.

Rounding out our Radio Azad features for the month, we are so happy to welcome to the show Rev. Becca Stevens, the founder of Thistle Farms. Believing that love is the most powerful force for change in the world, Thistle Farms’ mission is to heal, empower and employ women survivors of trafficking, prostitution and addiction.  Join us as we welcome Rev. Stevens to the show on April 30, 870AM, from 1-2p. #LOVEHEALS

April 14 Islamic Society of North America

On April 14, the Islamic Society of North America Education Conference will be held here in Dallas. A banquet will follow that evening. For more information, check out this link.  The theme of the conference is Upholding Faith: Serving Humanity.



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