Education & Interfaith

Education & Interfaith

To truly promote peace in the home and in society, we must increase awareness and collaboration within our communities. We have a long history as a hub for nuanced dialogue, compassionate service, and catalyzing change.

We are dedicated to remaining relevant. We aim to gather and motivate people into education, advocacy, and action.



Islamic Art Revival Series (IARS)

The mission of the Islamic Art Revival Series (IARS) is to build awareness of Islamic art in North America. IARS builds bridges between the Islamic world and North America, using the universal beauty of Islamic art as a connector and translator across generations and cultures. Our programs promote education in Islamic art. They also encourage vibrant, cross-cultural exchange amongst all faiths and cultures of the world.


Mix and Mingles

Our monthly Mix and Mingles are a gateway to TMWF. We invite all women to network and learn about important topics, such as financial literacy, self-care, domestic violence, and interfaith dialogue. We hope to improve well-being within and beyond the Muslim community through these educational programs.


"Peace in the Home" Radio Podcast

Since 2014, the Peace in the Home podcast has promoted peace and well-being in our communities by discussing current issues and highlighting positive leaders. We host a variety of guests who share their knowledge on topics such as parenting, immigration, philanthropy, family violence, trauma, and healing. You can listen to Radio Azad on the app or website and find past episodes here.


We believe the work of bridging the faith divides of our community is essential to support human dignity and bring about genuine empowerment, security, and self-determination for every member of our community, irrespective of their spiritual belief or affiliation.

One of the ways we do that is through Interfaith Dialogue. All faiths possess an inherent beauty and offer their followers a way to live a more peaceful, kind and humane life. Islam is no exception. Our Interfaith work seeks to help the North Texas community understand the beauty, compassion and justice that lies at the heart of the faith.

We want to create a community of peace and understanding in North Texas and would be happy to join with you to educate your place of worship, your school or your business on Islam. Help be a #PeaceChampion and Request a Speaker.

A better, just, and equal world is possible.

Symbols of the different world religions.

"The Texas Muslim Women's Foundation has been a pillar of this community. It has been, in many times, the only place we could turn to in desperate situations....It is as necessary as any other institution we have in the Muslim community."

--Imam Omar Suleiman

Resident Scholar at Valley Ranch Islamic Center, Founder and President of the Yaqeen Institute for Islamic Research, Adjunct Professor of Islamic Studies in the Graduate Liberal Studies Program at Southern Methodist University

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