Texas Muslim Women’s Foundation (TMWF) is pleased to announce the merger acquisition with the social enterprise, Break Bread, Break Borders.

Break Bread, Break Borders (B4) is a catering business with a cause. Since 2017 it has trained refugee and immigrant women from all around the world, using storytelling to share food, culture and get jobs in the food service industry. TMWF, Texas Muslim Women’s Foundation is acquiring the social enterprise making “Food for Good”; the merger occurred on Jan 12th and will provide underserved survivors of Domestic Violence this pro-bono culinary training for food handler’s permit, food manager license, and on the job food service training in commercial kitchens with professional chef consultants as mentors. “We are grateful to generous…

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TMWF’s Islamic Arts Revival Series Presents Connecting Pattern – Exploring Islamic Art and Geometric Design

Coming August 23-28, 2018, TMWF’s Islamic Art Revival Series is pleased to present its new program, Connecting Pattern, a series of workshops exploring Islamic Art and geometric design and its connection across subjects including mathematics, science and nature, history, architecture, and cultural borders. Through a series of Educator Workshops, educators and administrators from all subjects and age groups will learn how to apply principles from Islamic geometry across the curriculum. For the public, a series of workshops are also available and open to all interested in Islamic art and its influences across the world. Connecting Pattern 2018 is a collaborative effort with…

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