Well Wishes and Prayers

We would like to extend heartfelt well wishes and prayers for our brothers and sisters celebrating their major holy seasons during December. We hope that you will experience happiness, health and good friendship within your communities and within this whole nation. We pray that the alienation, negativity, resentment and fear of the “other” will be replaced with the spirit that ALL faiths emphasize – the spirit of compassion, hospitality and good will to one and to all.

We would like to express our sincere appreciation to all our friends and supporters for enabling us to continue being the “voice for the voiceless” – please see the feature on TMWF “Out of the Shadows” Plano Profile December 2016 (page 42-45), and the article featuring IARS in the Arts Link Magazine (pages 20-21), and the youth leadership empowerment organization (since 2007, our youth program has empowered approximately 500 young Muslim boys and girls in high school and college. The program has enabled them to serve their community in senior homes, hospitals, soup kitchens, in homeless services, and these young men and women have continued their undergraduate and graduate education in business, law, health professions, premed, and they are continuing to give back to society.


We continue to build friendships in our interfaith and outreach program, (please see the Shoulder To Shoulder program at Frisco Mosque) on November 2, 2016. We are really the symbol for what was stated recently “The Muslim community has the lowest crime rate, the highest entrepreneurship, the highest educational attainment for women in the country. They are the model American community.” Van Jones on CNN via Zainab Chaudry.


And yet, this year has also brought major heartaches with the senseless murders of three members of our community. We are doing everything in our power to educate about Domestic Abuse, and have provided workshops for the community, the youth and mainstream audiences. We continue to provide shelter for women and children who are suffering, and yet each month we turn away at least 40 women requesting shelter because we do not have any vacancy for them in our Peaceful Oasis Shelter – that is almost 377 victims to date this year!

Brothers and Sisters, we need your financial support to meet all the needs for shelter. We have used your tax and fitra money in the amount of $50,000 to pay for rent, utilities, medications, and registration fees. 

Please make your end of year tax-deductible donation to TMWF and save lives.

Thank you for being a #PeaceChampion.

Best wishes,
Hind Jarrah, Ph.D.

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