October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month

What is Domestic Violence Awareness Month?

Every October, Domestic Violence Awareness Month (DVAM) is observed to bring to light an issue that effects our community in a staggering way. DVAM is an opportunity for domestic violence organizations like TMWF, to connect with the community through meaningful outreach and awareness raising events.

Our “Peace in the Home” program has helped families to survive the trauma of abuse and achieve well-being, such as Uma and her family. Uma’s story below is just one instance where YOUR belief in our mission has made a life-changing difference. 

Clients served to date in 2016

Uma*, a young woman, and her husband, and their 3 children came from East Africa to the U.S. as refugees. While living with her husband, Uma was abused physically, emotionally, and financially by her spouse and had no one to turn to. Her friends were afraid to help her; her community was unable to understand what she was going through and asked her to be more understanding of her spouse to keep the family together. Because of her community, Uma never called the police. Read more.


#TakeaStand. Together we can stop this epidemic.
Talk about domestic violence and help us fight the cycle of abuse!

Victims of domestic violence like Uma live in constant fear. They feel the abuse is their fault and often times try to either minimize, or take responsibility for the abuser’s behavior. For victims of domestic violence home becomes a walk in a field of land mines – a place of constant terror.

Domestic violence at home also robs children of their childhood! Children are impacted by abuse sometimes even more than the victim. A child does not need to be directly abused or witness abuse to suffer its consequences; if abuse happens in the home, they know and are impacted for life. More.

YOUR contributions make it possible for us to provide 24-hour emergency shelter, 24-hour hotline, case management, legal representation as well as counseling for the victims and their children.

Everyone has a role to play in building a safer Texas. There are many ways you can show your support for family violence victims and survivors, and help create communities free from violence (tcfv.org).