Jarrah Serves as Women’s Initiative Mentor for Bush Institute

In 2013, Hind Jarrah, our Executive Director at Texas Muslim Women’s Foundation, was asked to serve as a mentor for the Women’s Initiative Fellowship, a signature program of the George W. Bush Institute. The Fellowship is a yearlong program designed to enhance the leadership skills of women around the world, and pairs each Fellow with a prominent female American mentor.

For the past year, Hind has mentored an Egyptian woman, Shaima Tantawy. Shaima is the executive manager and treasurer of a start-up NGO that helps educate destitute women and children living in the slums of Cairo.

“Our mission at Texas Muslim Women’s Foundation is to empower women, to help them identify their needs and discover ways to meet those needs. The Women’s Initiative Fellowship is a tremendous opportunity for women to learn from each other. Like our mission, it emphasizes the powerful role women can have when they receive the tools and training to achieve their dreams,” said Hind.