“If escaping abuse was so simple” – Mary’s story of survival


Your Help made a difference!

Mary*, is an American born woman married to a Middle Eastern man, and a mother of 3 girls who used to live overseas. When one of her daughters moved to Texas to continue her studies, the family decided to pay her a visit. During this trip, Mary’s husband became very abusive. It escalated into a very dangerous situation and Mary and her daughters were forced to seek safety at the Peaceful Oasis Emergency Shelter. The family became very depressed and they lost all hope after realizing that they would no longer be able to return to their home. The father began actively searching for his family and it became an extremely tense situation for both staff and the clients to stay safe.

Working with the supportive staff at TMWF, they began to receive case management, counseling and legal services to move them forward to happier state. With persistence and hard work, Mary actively sought out employment to set her on the path to financial self-sufficiency. She qualified to move into our transitional housing and finally felt happy and secure with her daughters in their new apartment.

Her older daughter resumed her studies and Mary’s good fortune continued with the good news of her approval for affordable housing. She continues to take great strides towards achieving her goal of creating a better life for herself and her children. They are now living with peace of mind and happiness and are very thankful for the services and support they received from TMWF.

*Name has been changed to protect her identity.