Happy New Year from TMWF!

Thanks to you and your support of our shelter, social services, and assistance programs:

  • Our clients have been able to take classes, receive certifications, and kickstart new careers
  • Childcare is now offered for our clients, giving them the ability to earn an education and begin or enhance their careers
  • A second shelter, Musarrat Home, has now been acquired and will officially open in 2019!

Overall, your support has aided us in removing barriers and easing challenges for our clients

Thank you for being a #PeaceChampion!
Here’s to increased peace and empowerment in 2019, and beyond!

Looking Forward
As we gear up for the new year, many new challenges and achievements are expected including:

  • An expected increase in many more clients
  • Needs of the new shelter, Musarrat Home, to be announced soon
  • Increased needs for legal services with legal staff already working harder than ever before
  • Sustaining existing programs and social services for new and existing clients

We will need your help more than ever before. Are you in?
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