Announcing our Inaugural Fall Fundraiser

We’re so excited to announce our Inaugural Fall Fundraiser, entitled #TheyPersisted, happening this October, on Saturday the 27th. Purchase your tickets here.

The fall fundraiser will feature keynote speaker Bushra Amiwala, a young trailblazer from Illinois.  At the age of nineteen, Bushra Amiwala ran for office as a candidate for the Cook County Board of Commissioners in her home state of Illinois. Through Amiwala’s efforts, thousands of people registered to vote, many of them voting for the first time. Ms. Amiwala continues to work to empower young and minority voices and increase their engagement in politics.

Join us in celebrating young leaders in our community who are working to create positive change, and help us empower even more members of our community by supporting our programs.

Purchase your tickets here.

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