Rebuilding: S’ story

This is a true account of one client’s journey, from surviving family violence to building a new future for herself. Identifying details have been modified or omitted to protect client confidentiality. *Trigger warning – mention of abuse*  S hadn’t known that there were organizations dedicated to stopping domestic violence. She had assumed she would have to endure her abusive situation for years to come, and had only just learned about domestic violence organizations in the months before her escape.   Up until that point, and for many months after, S’s daily existence was agony. Her brother was vindictive and her father…

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Prosperity Now: The Importance of Domestic Violence Awareness Month

An interview with Mona Kafeel, Executive Director of the Texas Muslim Women’s Foundation. “Domestic violence is a deep-rooted issue that affects our family members, friends, colleagues, and many other members of our community. According to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, over 10 million adults experience domestic violence in the United States each year. To further discuss the impact this issue has on our communities, we spoke with Prosperity Now partner, Mona Kafeel, the Executive Director of the Texas Muslim Women’s Foundation, about the work of her organization and the importance of spreading awareness.” Prosperity Now Read the full piece here.

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