Moving beyond survival: K’s story

This is a true account of one client’s journey, from surviving hardship and family violence to building a new future for herself. Identifying details have been modified or omitted to protect client confidentiality. As a single parent, K dedicated her life to her son. She provided him with a home, an education, a foundation of ethics, love. She worked long hours and saved every penny to provide for him. When her son was young, she would often worry: How will we get by? Am I providing him with enough to build his future? What will my future look like? Her son would tell her not to worry — he loved her and he would always take care of…

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Empowering women towards health and safety: the It’s weWomen Plus Study

By Dr. Bushra Sabri Immigrant women account for more than half of the US’s total immigrant population – and this population is growing. According to a report by the American Immigration Council (2020), there are more than 23 million immigrant women in the United States. As a result, there is a growing need to address issues specific to their health and safety.   Women face challenges in the form of traditional role expectations, rigid gender norms, abuse, gender inequality, and lack of social support. The intersection of multiple social identities, such as race and social class, further drives disparities in the health and safety of immigrant women.  This calls for culturally informed interventions that meet…

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