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Vision and Mission

TMWF’s vision is to be the leading culturally sensitive agency supporting the needs of survivors of domestic violence. Our mission empowers, promotes and supports all women and their families through anti-domestic violence education, outreach, philanthropy and social services. EVERYONE deserves to live in a violence free world.


Founded in 2005, by Women for Women, TMWF has been leading the change for domestic violence awareness for over 18 years. We have a bold vision of promoting peace in the home and in society. We endeavor to increase awareness and cultivate collaboration within our communities and have a long history as a hub for nuanced dialogue, compassionate service, and catalyzing change.

TMWF was among first U.S. Domestic Violence agencies to provide culturally sensitive and Trauma-Informed care for underserved survivors experiencing family violence. While we recognize the need for a cross-cultural understanding of domestic violence, no community is immune from abuse, and we do not discriminate based on age, race, ethnicity, religion, gender, disability, or sexual orientation.

Our programs address the needs of survivors fleeing abusive homes, Women Seniors needing safe permanent housing away from abuse and neglect, youth looking to develop leadership skills, and community members looking to foster connection across faiths and cultures.


In our work, we recognize that a cultural-responsive and trauma-informed approach are not end goals, but a continuous process of learning and adapting our advocacy to best meet the layered and changing needs of survivors. We also know that these practices don’t end at advocate-client interactions, but must encompass all aspects of an organization, from to staff and Board wellness to physical space.


TMWF Board of Directors meets every other month throughout the year. Our Board and Executive Leadership are Women from racially and ethnically diverse origins. TMWF began as a volunteer driven organization, and today, has a paid staff of almost 50 Women who reflect the populations we serve and speak over 15 languages.

Diversity Equity and Inclusion

TMWF aligns with a DEI approach by valuing culture, ethnicity, and race. We are intentional about diversity and equity by reaching out to those who are on the margins of society. As a trauma informed agency, we provide a holistic approach to healing underserved survivors. We are in this together, and it takes a community approach to keep families safe from harm. Our diversity is our strength, and as an organization lead by Women of Color, we provide a cross cultural, compressive approach while serving survivors who are primarily Women of Color and may not speak English as their first language. We are unique in providing a culturally specific approach which is key to the safety and healing of survivors.

We center survivor input as part of our organizational practices, assessment and planning, to make sure we can meet survivors where they are on their healing journey. DEI is part of a Community Design that understands Domestic Violence requires collaboration from community partners in order to create safer cities, neighborhoods, and homes. Women and families are facing violence in the home at increasing rates, and Black and Hispanic Women are impacted by Intimate Partner Violence at the highest rates, while comprising a minority of the overall population. The TMWF trauma informed toolkit ensures organizations are equipped to serve diverse underserved populations within the lens of racial equity, trauma informed care, and culturally specific approaches, and that their leadership and staff reflect the populations served.

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