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Youth Leadership

Youth are the key to a promising future – both for the Muslim community and for society at large. Our Youth Program is designed to begin instilling a spirit of leadership among Muslim youth, starting as young as age seven. Led by a Council of Youth Leaders with advisors from our Youth Coordinator, youth volunteers donate more than 800 hours of community service annually.

Through fun and educational community service, children and teens serve and act as ambassadors to Muslim and mainstream communities. Participating in meaningful and impactful projects such as feeding the homeless, preparing food for school lunches, and MLK Day help pave the way for our youth to grow into upstanding leaders for society.

Our 2019 Youth Council is led by seven very accomplished young women: Haya Arfat (President), Sabuhee Zafar (Vice President),  Laiba Hassan (Secretary), Zohra Baig (Treasurer), Aleena Khurram (Hospitality), Rabah Anwar (Communication Officer), and Haniyyah Zia (Event Manager); under leadership of the TMWF Youth Coordinator Rania Kabbani. They are responsible for organizing youth events, raising funds, identifying resources, recruiting and training volunteers, raising social awareness through various media and collaborating with local charitable organizations and city government in their endeavors.

Each of these young leaders serve as role models for all TMWF youth teaching others how to efficiently balance academics, interests and obligations while still finding time for altruism to help others.


Youth Group

Are you ready to have a life-changing experience while making a difference in your community? Become a Youth Group volunteer with Texas Muslim Women’s Foundation. Here is a sampling of activities that this group for middle and high school students participates in throughout the year.

  • National Day of Service on MLK Day
  • Humanitarian Day
  • Day of Dignity
  • Food Pantries
  • Strides Against Violence 5K

Junior Youth Group

Elementary school children are invited to begin learning the basics of volunteerism. Children participate in meaningful, values-based activities that make learning fun and teach the importance of giving back to the community.

Our Beneficiaries

In addition to supporting Texas Muslim Women’s Foundation, youth activities benefit a broad array of organizations and causes across North Texas, including:

  • Hope Supply Co. (formerly Captain Hope’s Kids)
  • Hunger Busters
  • Masjid Al-Islam service projects
  • North Dallas Shared Ministries
  • North Texas Food Bank
  • Ronald McDonald House Dallas

Get Involved

To learn more, contact:

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