Women & Refugee Advocacy

Women and Refugees Advocacy Program (WRAP)

Refugees flee their countries, their way of life, homes, possessions and loved ones because of war, violence and persecution. For refugee families, this courageous but intimidating step is just the beginning of a countless series of obstacles to overcome and hardships to bear. They face challenges such as language and culture barrier, financial difficulties, limited access to resources, and parenting as they struggle to build new lives for themselves.

TMWF’s Women and Refugees Advocacy Program offers:

  • Crises intervention
  • Translation and interpretation services
  • Education on Health related topics including stress management
  • Healthy families/parenting
  • Financial literacy
  • Advocacy through public assistance agencies

We provide classes at several locations, Contact us to learn more.

A multi-ethnic group of students sits in a lecture hall listening to their professor off-screen. They are taking notes with the focus being on a female of Indian descent wearing a hijab.
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