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Artist: Shafaq Ahmad, Al Baqi (The Eternal) 48 inches x 48 inches, 2011 

TMWF’s signature Education initiative is the Islamic Arts Revival Series. The mission of the Islamic Art Revival Series (IARS) is to bring awareness and exposure of Islamic Art and build cultural bridges between the Islamic world and North America. IARS builds bridges using the universal beauty of Islamic Art as a connector and translator across generations and cultures. IARS produces programs that promote education on the arts of the Islamic world and encourage vibrant cross-cultural exchange amongst all faiths and cultures. IARS represents the diversity of North Texas by showcasing all forms of art from the Muslim World, which includes many countries in the Middle East, Africa, South Asia, and Southeast Asia.

We also provide education programs to improve well-being in and beyond the Muslim community. We help individuals develop critical life skills through diverse offerings such as financial management, nutrition, self-care and entrepreneurship. In addition, our Monthly Luncheons provide an opportunity for the community to gain important knowledge on topics such as financial literacy, self-care, justice in Islam, domestic violence and interfaith dialogue.

Finally, we educate North Texas and the wider community through our “Peace in the Home Show” on Radio Azad. Peace in the Home airs live, 870AM, every Monday at 1pm Central Time, and is rebroadcast every Friday at 2pm Central Time. We host a variety of guests who share their knowledge on these and other topics: parenting, art, literature and poetry, family violence, healing from trauma, children’s literature, etc.  Since 2014 the Peace in the Home show has aimed to connect with our local and online community in order to build a strong, engaged and vibrant community.


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