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Our Mission

Founded by Muslim women, Texas Muslim Women’s Foundation empowers, promotes and supports all women and their families—a mission that ultimately creates stronger communities. Since 2005, Texas Muslim Women’s Foundation has been an ambassador of the peaceful, caring Muslim community. Our core program areas are:

News & Updates

News & Updates

  • Signs of Hope

    The months leading up to and after the U.S. Presidential Elections have left me with mixed emotions. I have been stunned and confused by the divisive speech and hate crimes being perpetuated and even endorsed by many in power, not only in my beloved U.S., but also world-wide. The cry… Read More

  • Join us at TMWF’s 12 Annual Fundraising Dinner

    YOU’VE SAVED LIVES THIS YEAR. Thank you. Your donations have changed the lives of many of our clients and their families forever. Since 2009, we have taken over 4,000 calls from people in need through our crisis hotline.  You’ve provided assistance to some of the most vulnerable within our community: Domestic… Read More

  • One More Domestic Violence Tragedy

    From Hind Jarrah, Ph.D., Executive Director:  “One more domestic violence tragedy” One more tragedy of domestic violence (DV) occurred on October 23, 2016, in Richardson, Texas.  The victim, Hanan Seid was a young mother of two children, a 3 year old and an 18 month old.  She was gunned down by… Read More

  • Refugees Assisted by Faith and Humanitarian Communities

    Sadly, Governor Abbot has decided to withdraw Texas from the Federal Refugee Resettlement Program. We at TMWF join refugee resettlement agencies and faith communities in objecting to Governor Abbott’s Decision. Our agency and many others support re-settlement of Syrian refugees. It is to our advantage to welcome refugees. They are… Read More

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